Are you about to move into or out of a house in Austin, Texas? Crampt can help you store items if you’ve closed a sale but are still waiting to move into your new home. Or maybe you’re remodeling your existing home? Our storage pick-up company makes it easy for you. We pack, barcode, and photograph your belongings so you can easily request items to be delivered. How many other companies can make moving and storage around Austin, Texas, that convenient?

Free Box Delivery

Crampt will send you free storage bins for you to pack your items. You’ll then have two weeks to schedule a pick-up. Alternatively, you can hire up to two personal packers for $39/hour per person. You likely have a very busy schedule already due to your move; the last thing you want is a complicated, difficult moving process. Let Crampt help you today.

Keeping it Simple

We keep tracking your items simple. Once they’re delivered to our climate-controlled facility, simply visit to access your inventory. Our facility is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it is not open to the public. All storage plans include coverage for up to $.60/pound at no charge. Our storage pick-up company provides extra protection plans for up to $1000 ($15 per month) or $2500 ($25 per month) worth of items. We can deliver your items between 24-48 hours upon your request.

Don’t Feel Cramped—Use Crampt!

It’s easy for stuff to add up even if you clean regularly, and that’s especially the case when you move. Crampt will help you take back your space. Moving can take up a lot of physical and mental energy, so we’ll help you de-stress with our moving and storage services around Austin, Texas.

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