3 Tips for Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

May 15th, 2018

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or just trying to get over hoarder tendencies, a storage unit can be an excellent way to remove the clutter from your home. Self-storage units can hold as much or as little as you want, depending on the size you choose. They can be the perfect solution if you have to move into a smaller home or just feel that you have too much sitting around your apartment rental, making it feel crowded. However, you should ensure that you have plenty of organization, so you can find items when you need them. The following tips can help you achieve that goal.

1. Plan Out Your Boxes

storage unit

Photo credit: paulbr75/pixabay

Start by planning out the boxes you will use in your self-storage unit. Ideally, you should opt for plastic storage containers instead of cardboard boxes, as they do better at keeping out moisture and last longer. Whenever you can, stick to storage boxes of the same size since this makes them easier to stack.

Don’t forget to plan what you put inside the boxes, as well. Each storage bin should have its own theme, such as summer clothes, books, yearbooks, kitchen supplies, etc. Clearly label every plastic storage bin, as well, so you can find the items you want if you need them before other things in your unit.

When packing, don’t forget to use enough padding or bubble wrap to protect fragile items and place heavier items lower in the boxes. Finally, make a master list of what you have in your public storage unit for organization.

2. Place Items Correctly

When it comes time to actually organize your self-storage unit, take the time to do it right. Make sure fragile boxes are labeled so you don’t accidentally put anything on top of them. If you might need something soon as part of a home renovation or moving, put it closer to the front. Any smaller items should also go in the front to improve visibility within the unit. Finally, leave some space between objects and the walls for ventilation to prevent mold.

3. Let the Pros Handle It

The simplest way to organize your self-storage unit is to just leave it to the pros. Instead of doing it yourself, consider hiring a full-service storage service. It will supply you with sturdy plastic storage containers for your items, let you fill and label them, and then bring them to your designated storage unit. Since the employees are professionals, they will be able to arrange the items correctly.

When you need something, these on-demand storage services will bring the storage box in question to your Austin home. The best can get it to you within just 24 to 48 hours, so do your research to make sure you find a fast on-demand storage company.