Your Essential Guide to Finally Getting Your Kids’ Toys Organized

October 29th, 2018

If you have any children, then you know just how easy it is for their toys to quickly get out of hand. No matter how much you try to put the toys back where they belong, a mess is bound to occur. It does not help matters that the average child is not great at putting their toys away without prompting. Follow this advice to finally get your kids’ toys organized once and for all.

organize toysEvaluate if You Really Need Everything

Start by looking at the toys that you have on hand for your kids to play with. Figure out if you actually need everything. If there is something large or bulky that your children never use or show zero interest in, consider donating it. Or if you have multiples of the same book or toy, ask yourself how many you really need. Donate or sell any extras and you will find yourself with fewer toys to organize.

Know When to Store Toys

This is also when you should go through and see if any of the toys should be stored. There are multiple reasons that you may want to store your child’s toys away and out of sight. Maybe there is a toy that your oldest outgrew already, but your youngest is not ready for yet. It may not make sense to get rid of it in this case because you know you will need it, making storage a good option. Or maybe there’s a toy that your child outgrew, but you want to keep for sentimental value, like their first doll.

Storage is also a good choice for toys that are seasonal, especially if you have limited space. So, you could store snow-related toys during the summer months and things like your kids’ bikes during the winter.

Use Bins or Baskets

Perhaps the most popular method of organizing toys is to divide them up into bins, baskets, drawers, or something similar. Designate a theme for each bin, such as building blocks, toys, coloring supplies, or animal figurines. This way, when it comes time to clean up, you can just throw everything in its designated bin. Since there is no need to carefully place or arrange items, it will go by quickly.

Get Your Kids Involved

When it comes to organization, make sure that your children are involved. Make sure your children know where everything goes and encourage them to help you clean up as soon as they are old enough to do so. You can even turn clean up into a game and sing a clean-up song like your kids would at daycare or preschool. On a related note, let your children know that they need to clean up the toy they are playing with before they can move onto the next one.